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About Us

Syillas Home Tuition (SHT) is a bespoke home tutoring service based in Shah Alam Selangor, Malaysia which is managed by Alsy Global Resources (SA0410800-V).
We are a home tuition service pioneered and managed by experienced tutors. We meet with you and discuss your child’s need and aspirations, then we draw up a job spec and search for the home tutor who best suits the post.
With our huge network of committed and dedicated home tutors suited to all academic subjects, we are confident in finding you the ideal home tutor that suits your budget, tuition timings and subject required.

Experienced Tutors

All our tutors are of experienced tutors and teachers, which are qualified to teach your children and make them learn what they think is hard by making it easy. In school, your children won’t be having that much attention.

All Available Subjects

We offer tutoring in all subjects of pre-schools, UPSR, PT3, SPM & even in Al-Quran. Using the service of a private tutor could make all the difference in maximizing your own child’s potential achievement. Imagine that.

Our Covered Locations

Syillas Home Tuition (SHT ) brings the quote “Helping students to a brighter future” in our business. Our home tuition locations coverage are Shah Alam, Klang, Subang, Hulu Selangor, Gombak Puchong, KL and many more!

– Our Tutoring Experience:

Pre-Schools, UPSR, PT3, SPM & IGCSE levels

– Our Tutoring Approach:

We first meet with the parents in order to learn more about your child/children, to know his/her current learning issues and what can we help in order to improve. We will then proceed with the best learning strategy that can help your children understand better & faster!

– Why SHT is better?

Student will get close & personal attention compared to learning from schools and tuition centres. You children will get personal tutor that he/she can ask anything that they want without being embarassed to raise their hands!

Your children will get more interaction, we have proven that children tend to ask more questions when tutoring one-by-one, compared to asking in front of the whole class, only to be teased back by bullies & classmates.

We teach your children from basics! Learn from back, teach them a step-by-step approach, focusing on where exactly is their weaknesses, improving their maths formulae, poor grammars and lots more!

Meet with Parents

We first meet with the parents in order to learn more regarding their children, by assessing the children’s school performance, getting to know them, be friends with them and asking them heart-to-heart on what is it they think is hard for them. 

Meet with Your Children

We will then proceed by meeting your children and try to be a friend to them. Learning is still learning, but kids will always be kids! Getting to know them and be like a ‘sister or brother’ to them will really open up a relationship with our tutors.

Draw Up Job Specs

After learning what’s the parents intuition and hope for their children, we will then draw up the best learning strategies for your children that can counter their ‘belief system’ that saying some subjects are not easy  for them.

Send Best Suited Tutor

After everything has been drawn for the teachings of your children, we will send the best suited tutors for your children that can help with your children weaknesses and can help them improving their school learnings, maths formulae, grammars & more.

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